iPod touch hack released

iPOD touch hack released.
Check out http://www.ziphone.org/. Zibri found the solution to the iPod touch's in ability to be unjailed. The problem was with the nvram being corrupted.
Here is how to do it.

  1. Just run the un-corruption utility in the zPhone utility
  2. Run the jailbreak.
  3. Install the BSD Subsystem.
  4. Then Run the 1.1.3 updates for the BSD subsystem terminal for back spacing.
  5. Then install the SUID Lib Fix .
  6. Install The Term-VT100 terminal program.
  7. Install the Cydia package (DEBIAN style package management!) which will replace the BSD subsystem.
Side notes:
  • The /Library/LaunchAgent/ folder contains the daemon launch plists. deleting one will prevent it from loading.
  • If you still have the BSD subsystem do not change the root password. The BSD passwd utility BREAKS the OS causing you to need to re-install the firmware. The Cydia utility works with out incident.
  • The default root password for for the iPOD will be either "alpine" or "dottie".

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