Why high-sec locks are pickable

Ross Kinard put out this paper on high sec locks earlier this month (found via [blackbag] today).

It outlines why several high-security locks are still vulnerable to manipulation and picking. Although it's often a more complex task to pick a Medeco or a Mul-T-Lock, the same flaws in manufacturing and normal wear end up creating many of the same vulnerabilities. It's just more difficult to pick these locks because there are more hoops to jump through, if you will.

Ross discusses the Two-Stage method of unlocking -- something that few lock manufacturers employ -- and why it's crucial to making a lock more difficult to pick. Ross uses Abloy's Disc Blocking System as an example of a very strong system that is highly resistant to straight-forward manipulation attacks.

If you like physical security, lockpicking, high-res photos of locky goodness and technical diagrams, this is a great read. It's not terribly verbose, either. I think it also goes without saying that Blackbag belongs in your RSS reader. Right now.

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