HiR Reading Room: Postfix: The Definitive Guide

Postfix is my favorite MTA right now. Various authentication and mail store options, a "security first" development cycle, and great performance are just a few of the reasons. Gone are the days of Sendmail. Qmail is feature-packed but kludgy (and I don't really care for djb's antics nor his hubris, so maybe it's a little personal). Postfix is king, as far as I'm concerned.

This 278-page guide is svelte, but remains packed with useful tips, configuration examples, and advice on Internet mail infrastructure. Whether you just want to build a mail server for yourself or a small company, or you're looking at revamping the way your corporate e-mail is handled, this book is worth a look.

You don't need to know a lot about MTAs in general to get started. I'd argue that intricate familiarity with Sendmail might even hurt you a little. You can get a ground-up lesson on mail infrastructure from Postfix: The Definitive Guide. A little functional UNIX knowledge is a bonus, though.

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