Smugness in the face of malware

So you've probably read it everywhere by now: Google's Safebrowsing API got a case of the hiccups and started marking the entire Internet as harmful. Ryan Naraine was all over this like a monkey on a football this morning, and his post on Zero Day was the first report I saw of it.

As for me, though? I was sitting smug, not worrying too much. Others may have feared that their computer or browser had been compromised. I was pretty sure (okay, after a few test searches and hitting some of my own sites) that it wasn't a problem on my end, or a problem with the web content on most sites, either.

I'm running FireFox 3 with NoScript (and now RequestPolicy) on top of OpenBSD. What could I possibly browse that would harm my computer?

And yes, I am aware that there are still things out there that could probably do something bad somehow, but the odds are pretty slim.

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