A call to arms: War on removable media!

According to some, 2TB SDXC memory cards will be directly responsible for data loss in the future:

Even though I am an optimist, it is hard not to see bigger (literally) breaches ahead - unless we get our act together. Time to make these cards more secure - can we get some security standards also into the new SDXC standards?
While we're blaming things:
  • Forks cause obesity
  • Guns cause murder
  • Matches cause arson
Obviously, I'm being sarcastic.

Let's think rationally for a while, and take a look at the numbers: stolen or misplaced removable media is to blame for a scant 3% of reported data loss incidents.

Data loss and breach are largely human problems. If Jim is disgruntled and wants to take the entirety of his corporation's Intellectual Property with him to his new gig, the latest, whiz-bang SDXC card won't necessarily be the break he's been waiting for, and increased capacity won't likely lead to many to bigger accidental breaches since this type of incident is responsible for such a minuscule fraction of them in the first place. It might, however, increase bandwidth abuse at work, since people can finally torrent the entirety of the Dr. Who saga and fit it all onto a cute little card that fits in their pocket.

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