Cowtown Computer Congress - The Underground Lab!

Jur1st at CCCKC announced some HUGE news at the meeting tonight:

I am thrilled to announce that CCCKC has come to an agreement in principal to lease a 1400 square foot facility located deep within the limestone hills of Kansas City. Don’t be fooled by the above ground access…the lab lurks 85 feet below the surface of the earth. What started as a few guys kicking the idea around over some pints at the Flying Saucer has become one of the most inspiring and diverse groups of hackers, tinkerers, makers and enthusiasts in the country.

There was a huge turnout for the huge news, too! At least 22 people (captured in a craptastic panoramic photo by myself with the help of some other attendees)

There's other news as well. The 2009 pricing structure was voted on, and there are hefty discounts for going all-in with a year-long membership. Some upcoming community, training, and fundraising events are also coming soon (as in this week!) Keep an eye on the CCCKC Blog to stay in the loop.

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