February 13th - The end of the universe as we know it?

First off, February 13th is my wife's birthday. Yes, the day before Valentine's day. No, I can't just get her one big gift for both at the same time. That landed me in the dog-house in 1998. I won't try that again.

But further, on the Cowtown Computer Congress of KC mailing list, someone pointed out that there's an exciting event in epoch time happening that day. For exactly one second, the epoch clock will read 1,234,567,890 seconds past midnight, Jan 1, 1970.

Using my perl epoch time example:

$ perl -e 'print scalar localtime('1234567890'); print "\n";'
Fri Feb 13 17:31:30 2009

Of course, that's GMT-6 (US/Central)

So, the epoch (epic?) clock will tick 1234567890 on a Friday The Thirteenth. Apocalypse? Insanity? You be the judge.

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