Tools of the day: nmap 5.10 Beta 1, Shodan beta

Two seriously awesome blips across my infosec radar today:

nmap 5.10BETA1 was released. New .NSE scripts, performance enhancements, OS fingerprints and minor fixes abound. Definitely worth checking out.

Shodan Beta. This computer/port/network search-engine is, as Mubix put it, "a game-changer. " Some of my favorite queries so far:
  • ProFTPD country:BR (Vulnerable FTP servers in Brazil via Hevnsnt)
  • port:23 list of built-in commands (unpassworded shells via HD Moore)
  • Live View (via me, finds lots of Axis Webcams)
  • jetdirect (find networked printers, maybe good for FTP Bounce scans?)

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