Paypal effectively shuts down Hackers For Charity & Johnny Long's Family

From HFC:

PayPal has frozen my assets. We have no source of income beyond the car money we just spent in Kampala on Monday. I may very well have to return to Kampala and get the car payment money back to live off of. We are stranded financially and physically without a vehicle because of PayPal.


The bottom line is PayPal has frozen my assets (which aren’t theirs.. how can they do this?) including all the support money my family is relying on.

I’ve spent hours on the phone (on hold) to PayPal at approximately 30 cents a minute to try to get this resolved only to be told to use email. I’m considering legal action over this.

HFC is at a complete standstill. We can not order shirts for the conference. Subscriptions are bouncing. Informer is down. Subscribers are (rightly) pissed because they don’t have what they’ve paid for. I can’t order the items for the DEFCON auction. There are too many problems to list here. The biggest is that PayPal has locked down my family’s survival money.

I have no clue what to do at this point.
I can't speak for all of HiR, but I strongly believe in what Johnny Long is doing. He's the author of No Tech Hacking and all proceeds from the sales of that book (and many others of his) went straight into his charity.

There's been an obvious outcry for support on Twitter, but Johnny hasn't specified how we can help -- As he said himself, he has no clue what to do at this point. Several friends of mine are raising hell with execs at PayPal and eBay. Just keep Johnny, his family and Hackers For Charity in your thoughts through all this.

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