Not news: smuggling bomb parts into federal buildings

ABC News: Bomb materials smuggled into fed buildings

Federal investigators had no trouble smuggling bomb-making materials past ill-trained and poorly supervised guards at federal buildings, senators were told at a hearing Wednesday.
The thing is that if you poke around the office supply closet and the broom room, you will undoubtedly be able to amass everything that's needed to wreak some serious havoc. 

The article doesn't say whether the GAO agents used credentials or covert entry to get into the compounds with said "bomb supplies". If they were able to enter without credentials, there's a much larger problem. If they used credentials, it really doesn't matter what they can carry in. Through all of history, weapons have been made from seemingly benign objects. 

This is more pedantic security theater: Focusing on one specific threat instead of working to refine and simplify the armor.

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