Stryde Hacks The Olympics...

Stryde takes matters into his own hands and uses China's sports records against them in determining the true age of Olympian He Kexin. Within, he asks others to archive their screen shots of the data:

Much of the coverage regarding Hexin's age has only mentioned "allegations" of fraud, and the IOC has ignored the matter completely. I believe that these primary documents, issued by the Chinese state, directly available from China by clicking on the links above rise to a level of evidence higher than "allegation". The following points bear mentioning:

  1. Google's cached copy of the spreadsheet does not contain Hexin's age record, and Baidu's does. This does not necessarily imply that Google allowed its data to be rewritten by Chinese censors, but the possibility does present itself.
  2. From the minute I pressed the publish button on this blog, the clock is ticking until Hexin's true age is wiped out of the Baidu cache forever. It is up to you, the folks reading this blog, to take your own screenshots and notarize them by publishing them. If you put a link in the comments section, I'll post it.

I also pulled down entire CSV data intact and archived it. Attached are my own screenshots of the Baidu Cached files: Cache 1 and Cache 2

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