Office Hack: Erasing Perma-Marker

I really thought that the procedure for exorcising permanent marker from a whiteboard was common knowledge by now... Apparently, it's not.

Here, someone (me) has defaced a whiteboard (mine) with a permanent marker.

We'll just erase it, right?

Nope. It's not going anywhere.

Enter: The Dry Erase Marker (Black Hat Schwag via Asmodian X)

Just scribble over the permanent marker with the dry erase. Make sure to cover it well!

Then erase...

Where'd it go?!

The dry erase marker has a solvent in it. When you draw over permanent marker with a dry erase, the permanent ink ends up getting mixed in with the dry erase, and it almost always comes right off the white board. Sometimes you need to do it twice, but it usually works pretty well.

Again, you probably know this trick, but apparently it's not as well known as I thought.

Have any other office hacks? Post them in the comments!

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