Ax0n's DefCon Day 2 Recap


Joe Grand & Zoz - BSODomizer, a hardware VGA in-line hack that first displays a Blue Screen Of Death, then after a while switches to Goatse ASCII Art.  Evil.
Scott Moulton - Computer Forensics is ONLY for P.I.s - The recent changes to computer forensics laws threaten consultants who do investigative work without a private investigator's license.
John "Jur1st" Benson - When Lawyers Attack - Ties in quite a bit with Scott Moulton's talk in how laws are changing the way that digital evidence is handled and thus the instability of the computer forensics industry, even for law enforcement.
Jay Beale - Owning users with Agent In The Middle - Jay introduced a new tool for man-in-the-middle attacks and covered the dangers of MITM in a way that only Jay Beale can. 
K.C. & Mandias - Urban Exploration: A hacker's view - A discussion on the good, bad, and ugly of UE and the many similarities of UE to Hacking. 
Kushner & Murray - InfoSec Career Mythbusters - This floor-filler literally packed the house and offered eye-opening facts about employment in the field of InfoSec.

Post-Talk Events:
i-Hacked.com presents the Podcasters Meetup, where Securabit, PaulDotCom, SecurityJustice and plenty other of hosts streamed a live update on the goings on of DefCon.  Included was the Shmoocon 2009 announcement and a few other goodies.

Now I'm kicking it in Skybox 208 with the i-Hacked.com guys.  Again, great music, lots of energy, lots of fun. 

Oh yeah, we have a few copies of Into The Breach by Michael Santarcangelo available. Meet up with us at the next 2600 meeting and we'll have some copies to give away. I need to do a proper review of it as well, but we have plenty of copies already.

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