More DefCon 16 Badge infoz

In the factory state, the DefCon badge works as follows.

When you attach the battery, there are three modes selectable from the pushbutton switch on the back:
Sleep (no scanning LEDs)
On (LEDs scan side to side)
TV-B-Gone - Turns almost any TV on or off (LEDs scan from center outward for a while, then ALL illuminate at the end of the cycle. Cycle re-starts)

You can verify that the IR Transmitter is actively sending data by looking at the Ninja's eye through a CCD element - Camcorder, camera phone, most digicams.

When you put an SD card in, there are three modes:
Sleep (no scanning LEDS)
Recieve (scanning side to side)
Transmitting (Scanning outward)

The SD Card needs to be formatted as FAT. The files you wish to share must be in the root directory of the SD Card, must be less than 128kb and the read-only attribute MUST be set. Then, you can share files! Hint: Give your files a fairly unique name because it won't likely overwrite files of the same name with the read-only bit set. According to the flyer, the LEDs will form a transfer status bar when a transfer is initiated. High-res shot of the (hard to read) badge documentation linked below:

If you solder the miniUSB jack onto the badge and hook it up to a Windows computer, the DefCon16 CD will have a valid driver for the badge. I don't know where to go from there yet, I'm just divulging this as I find out what's going on. Obviously, removing the 128kb limit would be a start. Perhaps more POV fun with the status LEDs and who knows what else is possible once you can upload custom firmware to the thing.

So, out of the box, I'm thinking of sharing GPG public keys and maybe some bookmarks. That's what mine will be transmitting!

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