OpenBSD 6.4 released, Web server guide updated

OpenBSD 6.4 was released last week. It comes chock full of new goodies, including a built-in Wireless network manager ('join' syntax for ifconfig), derived snapshots for vmm virtual machine disk images (based on qcow2 support), improvements to pledge including the addition of unveil, and RETGUARD, a new stack protector for thwarting ROP attacks just to name a few new features.

I've been busy with the new job and getting settled into the new digs here in the Austin suburbs, but I carved out some time to update the OpenBSD/HTTPD/MySQL/PHP guide. There are a few changes to how PHP-FPM is configured, so you may want to pay close attention if you've followed the guide before.

The nginx and apache pages haven't gotten that many views lately, so I am not updating them this go-around. The httpd in OpenBSD's base install is a pretty well-proven web server at this point, and I've been using it in production, reliably, for years now. If you're thinking of running nginx or apache on OpenBSD, I'd urge you to take a look at httpd.

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