OpenBSD 4.7 + Chrooted Apache, MySQL & Suhosin PHP

FYI - There's now a page that covers OAMP for all recent versions of OpenBSD. My OAMP series is a popular one. Although OpenBSD 4.7 doesn't come out for 2 more days, the media has already shipped to those who pre-ordered. And, as I mentioned previously, you'll want to get crack-a-lacking on those patches. As of the time of writing, there are already 4 patches to install for OpenBSD 4.7, which affect all architectures.

I'll spare you the verbosity. The installation procedure for getting OpenBSD, Chrooted Apache, MySQL and Suhosin-hardened PHP all working together hasn't changed one bit in OpenBSD 4.7. You can follow my instructions verbatim from the OAMP 4.6 Walk-Through, with one minor difference: make sure you change "4.6" to "4.7" when defining PKG_PATH in your .profile.

I was able to go from an empty virtual machine to a fully-functioning, chrooted install of WordPress in under 30 minutes just by following the instructions (and, of course, pointing the PKG_PATH to the packages on the media, not FTP, since the 4.7 branch hasn't hit the Internet yet)

Now that blogger has the ability to store "pages", I may eventually convert this article series to a living document. There are also some lazy shortcuts I take that kind of go against traditional OpenBSD methods (directly launching stuff from rc.local, editing rc.conf instead of making changes in rc.conf.local, etc) - I may get around to de-cruft-ifying this how-to at the same time. Otherwise: Enjoy!

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