Oontz Oontz Oontz Oontz ...

Okay, so maybe I was looking for any excuse to embed this hilarious Strongbad Email clip -- which is kind of an inside joke among certain geek cliques including the writers here at HiR.

Music gets me through the day, and while the kind of "techno" above doesn't actually get my motor going, I figured I'd share some links to stuff I listen to whilst hacking, coding, squashing bugs and herding wayward sysadmins.

Glitch.FM - Recently founded by DefCon and i-Hacked favorite DJ Great Scott, Glitch offers a solid variety of electronic music styles throughout the day.

Philosomatika - Focusing almost exclusively on dark, organic Goa/Psy-Trance, Philosomatika will either make you very nervous or very focused. Sometimes both.

Somafm - Bringing you several different channels, not all electronic. My fave: Tag's Trip

AfterhoursDJs - Full DJ sets, 24 hours a day. Focuses mostly on trance, but you'll find plenty of breakbeat and house as well.

Maybe I'm a bit biased here. I usually listen to electronic stuff without too many vocals while I'm trying to focus. Does music help you? What are you listening to?

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