KC2600: Sept. 4, 2009

Greater Kansas City 2600: Sept. 4, 5:00pm at the Oak Park Mall food court.

I've once again gotten a new phone, and once again had to hack it for tethering. I picked up the LG Env3 (like I'd planned on) while my wife scored the touch-screen version. I'm afraid I'd break the large touch-screen, but I've managed to hack them both into submission, and my Co-worker's LG Dare as well. At this next meeting, I'll go over what you need to change and why it matters. This will focus on 3G/CDMA/EV-DO networks such as VZW and Sprint, and will use LG Phones for the demonstrations.

Also, thanks to a tip from STRSHR (one of our readers and commenters), I've gotten my mitts on Piranha 2, an OpenWRT/Jasager-based firmware upgrade for La Fonera routers, which adds a few other goodies right out of the box. I think you'll like it.

I'll cover both of these topics in detailed posts sometime in September, but for now, you'll have to come out and see them live at the September KC2600 meeting if you're in the area. As always, we'll have other things up for discussion, followed by a good meal and maybe a little bit of a dive into the old Magic Dumpster™, weather permitting. Come out and join us!