Online Radio Tools

Quick post.

Ever hear a song on the radio, but don't know who does it or what the name of the song is? Take note of the station you were tuned in to, and what time you heard it. Then when you get a chance, go to Yes.com. Hammer in the callsign for almost any commercial FM radio station in the US, and you can go back in time for about a week and get an hour-by-hour list of what was played. This doesn't work so well for live shows and certain simulcast/syndicated content.

Also, The Stream Center keeps an up-to-date list of Internet Radio Streams for most commercial radio stations that have them. You can browse by state or enter a radio call-sign. That means you aren't stuck using the craptastic web-based player many stations provide, and the hard work of reverse-engineering the website or network traffic to find the stream has already been done for you. Click. Play. Enjoy having access to radio stations around the world in your favorite music player.

Now, if you'll pardon me, I'm going to get back to using Exaile with the Streamripper! plugin to listen to and archive tonight's episode of Liquid Buzz, which is probably the only weekly electronic music show in Kansas City worth listening to, if not the only one in Kansas City, period.

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