PHP Editing In The Cloud

I ran across PHP Anywhere over the weekend. At first glance, it looks as feature-rich as the free version of PHP Designer, a Windows-only tool I use at work when I have to mess with PHP (which isn't too often)

There's just one question I have: who in their right mind would store the FTP password to their web site "in the cloud" like this? In fact, I don't even have FTP access ENABLED on my primary web server. I set up a test instance somewhere else to play with PHP Anywhere. I usually scp my files to their destination. Sadly, that's not an option for PHP Anywhere yet, but if it did, you'd still be storing credentials to modify your website...

I suppose if you are really in a crunch somewhere and lack your usual desktop IDE of choice (and for some reason can't get on the system to edit it locally), it makes for a neat toy.

That's all for today. I'm going to change my password on that FTP account now...

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