R.I.P. Security Bloggers Network (for now)

Alan Shimel just reported that Feedburner networks are going the way of the Dodo, and the beloved Security Bloggers Network RSS feed on FeedBurner is no more.

For those who don't know what SBN was, it was a huge RSS feed with some great security blogs all rolled into one. Drop it into Google Reader or something, and you were all set. HiR just recently got on board. Too bad it had to happen this way.

Don't worry, though. Shimel assures us that there will be another, comparable spliced RSS feed coming soon. Until then, if you were watching the Security Bloggers Network, you might want to start hunting down links for your favorite reads. If you have some favorite information security sites, feel free to post links to them, or a link to an OPML file.

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