The Geek 100 Pt. 1: Possessions and Lifestyle Skills

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This is a list of 100 basic things and skills every geek should have. I've broken this series up into five parts. Let's face it: a list of 100 things would be tedious to wade through. Over the rest of the week, look for twenty more skills to show up daily. I've listed possessions first. The rest of the series focuses on skills and knowledge. The skills assume you have done it in the past and can remember how to do it right now (or, like a good Geek, you've jotted it down in one of your notebooks). Having it in your personal notebook is okay. Scrambling to the Internet means you don't have the skill. Yet...

This is just a fun, arbitrary list I came up with mostly on my own but with some help just in case I was missing any skills I didn't even know I was missing. I'll give credit where due. Don't think I just took 100 things about myself and built up a geek paradigm from it. Most likely, you won't have all of these. I know I don't. The lucky ones will have a good chunk of these covered, though.

Possessions. Every geek should have:

  1. A citizen-band radio
  2. A computer that's incapable of running MS-DOS 6.0 natively
  3. A graphing calculator
  4. A notebook of tricks, tips, and things you don't want to forget how to do
  5. A weapon that fires (relatively) harmless foam projectiles
  6. An HTTP proxy
  7. Action figures
  8. An acoustic coupler, TDD, or acoustic modem
  9. An obsolete video game console
  10. Off-site backup storage

Lifestyle Skills. Every geek should be able to:
  1. Convincingly perform a magic trick or card trick
  2. Brew French-pressed coffee
  3. Play a musical instrument
  4. Point out discrepancies in movies that feature "hacking"
  5. Recite a significant number of lines from at least one Anime movie
  6. Scam free drinks from noobs at the bar (or at the lemonade stand if you're <21)>
  7. Social engineer your way out of trouble
  8. Speak a foreign language
  9. Start a large, powerful bonfire
  10. Use wordplay
See the whole series: The Geek 100

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