Friday Geek-Out: WiFi Disruption Edition!

If anyone still wants to go to Daily Dose tonight, that's fine. Some of us will be at Casa De Ax0n hacking on wireless stuff.

Given the fact that all things Karma have the potential to disrupt nearby WiFi service, we've opted to take the geek-out away from the normal venue this week. I really don't feel like getting banned from my favorite bar and coffee shop.

Like many others before me, I've freed my Fon from the wall outlet with a clip holding 4 AA batteries wired in series for 4.8 Volts. I'm currently using a 6-cell clip with the last two slots bypassed. It will hold five cells just fine for the full 6VDC that it was designed to use. I may do that this evening.

Asmodian X and I have been tinkering with these Fon routers for a few days now. We've both bricked (and subsequently un-bricked) them, and they're both running the latest version of OpenWrt.

Now it's time to see what we can do with them. The HiR WiFi Lab is going to be in full swing this evening. RSVP if you think you want to show up. I will need to clear it with w1fe 1.0, who probably doesn't want TOO many geeks coming over.

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