HiR at DefCon 16 and IT Security World 2008

DefCon 16: Las Vegas, NV Aug 8-10, 2008 At The Riviera.
I'm pretty sure at least two of the HiR crew will be there. Also, make sure to swing by skybox 208 on Saturday and say hi to our buddies at i-Hacked.

It should come as no surprise that you'll probably find me in quite a few of the Physical Security tracks, but I'm looking forward to Nathan Hamiel and Shawn Moyer's talk on social networks and seeing what in the world Dan Kaminsky has to say now that his uber-l33t DNS exploit is old news.

e-mail ax0n (at) h-i-r (dot) net if you want my contact info to meet up. Asmodian X will likely be around as well. There'll be thousands of people in attendance, so we probably won't be easy to spot. I think it goes without saying, but protect your laptop or wireless PDA before you come. Be prepared to VPN or Tunnel out if you plan on using the Internet. This is seriously one of the most hostile networks you'll ever connect to. You might be better off with a notepad and some paper.

I'll be at IT Security World 2008 as well. Not quite as exciting as DefCon, but legitimate enough you might be able to get your boss to pay your way. Check it out, look at the agenda, and see if there's anything even remotely relevant to your job.

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