Friday Geek-Out: July 25, 2008 and upcoming KC gatherings

I showed up a bit early to the Geek-Out. So did (jeff)isageek. We've been gabbing about podcasting, blogging and random geekery. I don't know how long Jeff's hanging out, but I'll be here probably until well after midnight. If you see this before then (and if you're near Overland Park, KS), come on out! We're at Daily Dose!

I'm pondering the usefulness of a full-on laptop while I'm at DefCon. I may try making do with only the Jornada 720 and jLime Linux. I probably won't have my digital camera with me (I loaned it out to a good friend who is currently on a road trip) but I can mobile blog with my cell phone and its camera. For the essentials, the Jornada should do everything else I really need. Here, I have BrightKite and GMail up on Minimo in the background and the Hak.5 IRC channel in a terminal window with irssi. It's surprisingly responsive and dare I say peppy. Peppy enough that I might not need a real laptop on the convention floor.

Next Friday is 2600 Night. We meet in the food court at Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, KS and then afterwards get a bite to eat. We wrap things up with a late-night Geek-Out at the Dose where you can pick your poison of uppers (caffeine) or downers (get your beer and cocktails on!).

No Friday Geek-Out on the 8th, because we'll all be at DefCon, hopefully!

See you around!

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