Links: 2010-12-08

From our Delicious feed today:

  • SANS - Computer Forensics and Incident Response with Rob Lee - Good to know, I suppose. I wonder if full erasure could be automated?
    #tags: forensics linux infosec privacy

  • Police Hand Out The Club To Keep KC Residents Safe - Kansas City News Story - KCTV Kansas City - The fail is strong with them!
    #tags: locks lockpicking physicalsecurity humor fail

  • What Car Thieves Think of the Club - NYTimes.com - This is why I laughed that cops handed out The Club to people.
    #tags: locks security automotive lockpicking physicalsecurity

  • What's Your Favorite Old School Software? - While much of the software I still rely on daily could qualify as "old school" -- you know, awk, vi, and grep -- in the spirit of this post, I offer to you Telemate, Lotus WorksSuite and XTree Gold
    #tags: dos oldschool software

  • makeit.png (PNG Image, 1124x777 pixels) - Scaled (80%) - Best. Poster. Ever.
    #tags: cartoon humor

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