Links: 2010-12-05

From our Delicious feed today:

  • Textual: IRC for Mac OS X - If you're still stuck in IRC land, this is a really sexy IRC interface.
    #tags: irc mac osx software opensource

  • HeapLocker « Didier Stevens - A new tool (very much experimental at this point) for detecting heap spray attacks
    #tags: defense security infosec software tools freeware

  • Not Always Right » When Two Wrongs Make It Right - Hilarious social engineering
    #tags: socialengineering humor

  • You're A Little Late - MthruF - Because no one likes passive-aggressive email signatures.
    #tags: humor

  • Hyenae | SourceForge - A slick and flexible packet generator
    #tags: ne network security tools opensource dos networking hacking testing

  • Faking Pharaohs Gold: a sordid tale of real piracy - These are the kinds of piracy cases that we should be worried about. Awesome justice!
    #tags: piracy lawsuit electronics

  • Internet Privacy: Firefox Makers Look at Hiding Online Footprints - WSJ.com - Some interesting developments
    #tags: privacy security internet opensource

  • Updates to a couple of Sysinternals tools - Any Windows-savvy administrator should stay current with SysInternals! Some good updates.
    #tags: microsoft tools freeware sysadmin

  • Heat shrink fuse holder @Makezine.com blog - I've been doing fuses this way for years. Usually without the springs. Sometimes with just a bit of solder paste in there for good measure.
    #tags: electronics soldering

  • Photo - Drive By Blogging - Presented without comment
    #tags: politics wikileaks humor

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