Weekend Misc: Friday Geek-Out and ITSecWorld

A few quick things.  First: I'll actually be geeking out this evening at the Daily Dose. My wife is no longer working graveyards, though, and I can't be there every Friday.  Feel free to keep showing up and geeking out, though! It's always been pretty informal, and I'll try to be there every other week. This is your meeting, guys. I lit the fire, someone else can carry the torch if they choose. 

Also, this weekend, I'm heading out to San Fran for IT Security World 2008. I probably won't be Live-blogging anything, but I'll post daily recaps here.  Keep in mind that there are some tracks I'd like to attend which I won't be able to. Since my company's sending me, they get to choose what I go to.  If you're going to be there, let me know and we can meet up.  I'm all about networking, and rarely pass up an opportunity to find new people to bounce info-sec ideas off of. ax0n at h-i-r dot net. That's ax0n with a zero.

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