New Features in OpenBSD-Current [via KCBUG]

Friend of HiR and founder of Kansas City BSD User Group, dj_goku, has been playing with OpenBSD 4.4-current (the unstable and as-of-yet unsupported branch which should be released as OpenBSD 4.4 on November 1st). In his tinkering, he's found some interesting stuff.

First and in my opinion most importantly, is the fact that WPA/WPA2 seems to be working quite well with pre-shared keys (PSK), albeit with some ifconfig tweaking. Read the KCBUG post for a solid example on how to connect with WPA-PSK and then check out the announcement of WPA/WPA2 support over at Undeadly.org.

Next, he stumbled across the "VisualHostKey" option for OpenSSH 5.1 (included in OpenBSD 4.4-current). It adds a visual "fingerprint" for SSH host keys. This should allow you at a glance to see that the host key in the same, assuming you're used to seeing the same fingerprint every time. In practice, it's just a geeky piece of command-line flair. That's what we live for, though, right?

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