OpenBSD 6.9 Released, PHP/MySQL Page updated


The 50th release of OpenBSD hit the mirrors last night, but I had some problems installing packages -- they were out of sync a bit. Anyhow, today, all of the package repositories on all the mirrors seem to be working swimmingly (you see what I did there?) and getting OpenBSD's built-in HTTPD working with PHP 8.0.3 and MariaDB (a MySQL Fork) 10.5.9 is a breeze. I've updated the OpenBSD HTTPD/PHP/MySQL page accordingly.

I'm most excited about a number of fixes in the VMM hypervisor that mean it can once again run some of my Linux virtual machines that have newer kernels. That had been broken for quite a while. There are also some changes to video and audio subsystems that I feel like might have been driven by some of my input on the mailing lists. The world may never know. 

In news that's related only by virtue of OpenBSD tinkering, I also managed to get OBS Studio working on OpenBSD-CURRENT, which just required me to figure out how to get the excellent openbsd-wip ports tree working alongside the official OpenBSD Ports. I'm still figuring out how to tune OBS to get high-quality live streams working, and at present, directly attaching the webcam to OBS results in a Kernel Panic. So there are some bugs to iron out.

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