Cowtown Computer Congress Grand Opening [Kansas City]

The hour draws neigh. On March 2nd, Kansas City's hackerspace will be open for 24/7 access to members. To kick it off, there will be a week full of Grand Opening events. Check the CCCKC Wiki's Grand Opening page for an up-to-the-moment list of what's going on.

Friday, March 6th would traditionally be the 2600 Meeting at Oak Park Mall, but several attendees will be at the CCCKC Opening instead. Further, all of the HiR folks from Kansas City will be giving presentations on interesting topics: Retro-Computing, Moodle: An Open-Source Education Suite, and Hacking La Fonera routers.

Depending on how much of the usual 2600 crew shows up, we may (or may not!) decide to switch the official meeting space to the Cave. After all, it's not far off the highway and it's close to Westport for plenty of post-meeting dining and drinking. Plus, it would be easier to communicate without all the distractions and noise of the mall.

If you're even remotely near Kansas City, it'd probably be worth your time to come out at least to see the talks Friday and maybe stick around for the DJ Bash on Saturday night.

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