Minimalist keychain reworked.

Have you seen the minimalist keychain post? Maybe the idea is a bit too unwieldy for you, like it was for me? Reading though some of the posts about it brought the idea of using a screw post to me. Thus, my quest today to finally put it all together.

The Parts:

Match the Post to the Bit:

The flutes of the 1/4" bit fit in to the slot of the key. Use all sizes of drill bits from what shank size just fits up to the intended size to ream out the hole. Clamp the key in a vise when drilling and wear eye protection (do *not* hold the key to drill it!):

When it's all drilled and layered ( Post:steel washer: key-nylon washer(repeat) :steel washer:Screw ) be sure to use some thread lock to keep it together:

The final result:

One key had a slot and is offset to attach a key ring if need be:

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