What a crazy weekend!

Saturday, I set up my Jornada 720 with the enGenius 200mW card, a Garmin GPS12 (olde school) and a pair of 19dBi antennae. I used Kismet running on JLime Linux. About 3:00 PM, I hit the road with my wife. Here's the setup in the car.

Only in rural Missouri... What the hell?

And if that's not strange enough, I hit a low-flying goose (yes, a big, huge Canada Goose) about 10 miles outside of town. I had to limp my car into town. I could see, but only just. And speeds higher than 50 MPH or so made the windshield cave in more. Yikes!

After we got into town, it was off to 1984. 1984 is an arcade that looks quite literally like it got put in a time machine and beamed here.

They even have a Mac Classic running all of their business software!

Darren tries his hand at BattleZone (a cheesy tank battle sim)

Darren and Sl4cker


After we got tired of the arcade, we grabbed some sandwiches, then took off to a bar for beer, gadgets, pool, and more beer. And some pool. And shots. Then more beer. And after I left, I think they had more beer too.

This is Adam, the new owner of Jordan Valley Pedicabs. He manages 5 pedicabs in the area, and who knows how many "drivers" around in Springfield. You haven't really lived until you've tried riding in the back of a three-wheeled bicycle while rather inebriated.

More carnage. My wife and I were stranded in Springfield since there were no glass repair shops open on Sunday.

We spent some time with family friends north of Springfield while we were waiting for my windshield to get fixed up. They have cows in their back yard. This is definitely Missouri.

Life's no fun unless you're geeking out and wrenching on stuff at least once a day. I helped Ray install an electronic cruise control system on his Vulcan 2000. Wiring diagrams, Fluke testers, soldering iron, and lots of shrink tubing made up most of my Sunday.

I didn't get many good pictures of the Hak5 meetup because it was too dark and I didn't have a tripod (and my camera is crappy). I think Darren and Snubs will likely have a bunch of photos up sooner or later. We'll have to see.

My Kismet/JLime/200mW/19dBi Dipole rig found about 6,500 networks this weekend. About half of those were new, never reported to WiGLE. Another weekend like this will boost me to WiGLE's top 100.

Edit: If photos aren't working, try this album link.

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