Geek-Out, August 29, 2008

For those of us who are going to the Geek-Out at Daily Dose this coming Friday night (at 11:00pm), I'll be bringing some new toys, not the least of which is a 500mW Alfa Networks AWUS036H. On the affordable consumer end of the market, this one is gaining popularity and is arguably the grand-daddy of port-powered USB adapters. I've paired mine with a whopping 10dBi omni-directional antenna (not shown), as well. Hopefully, I'll have Karmetasploit (or at least Karma on BackTrack 3) working with this adapter in time for the geek-out.

Asmodian X and I have also been messing with the less powerful Linksys WUSB54GC adapters with varying success. Both seem to work quite well for wireless network monitoring, but when it comes to interception, the tools and kernel drivers available require a lot of work to get things functioning the way they should.

I'll also be showing off Sun's VirtualBox, which is an open-source virtualization hypervisor that seems to be flying under most peoples' radar.

Got something else cool and geeky to show off? It doesn't necessarily have to be security or even computer related. Let us know, and hope to see you this Friday!

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