Ax0n's DefCon Day 1 Recap

This is what I did yesterday:
Saw Asmo get stomped on by a giant circus circus clown. Notice the Circus Circus billboard in the background is seriously on the fritz.

At McDonalds for breakfast, we saw this guy.

Close-up of amusing Solaris code (kernel driver for the hme* ethernet interface) -- Apropriate.

Saw some talks:
Jeff Moss's Introduction
Kingpin's discussion on the badge
Shawn Moyer' and Nathan Hamiel's talk on pwning social networks
Marc Weber Tobias's "Open in 30 Seconds" Medeco talk
Eric Schmiedl's "Advanced Physical Attacks"

After that, Asmodian X and I went to eat sushi with some of the Security Twits.

ggee - Taking pictures of people taking pictures of people taking pictures. His photos of the SecTwit's Dinner are here.

Photo I took walking to the bus stop

When we got back to the convention, we had a nice talk with Shawn Moyer and got some more in-depth on the SocNet problem.

I wound down the night at the Black Ball and a few other parties put on by other groups here at the Riviera.

I'm currently in Kingpin's talk about the BSODomizer, an in-line VGA Dongle that fakes a windows (or MAC) crash with a BSOD... and a little surprise... (ASCII Art Goatse anyone?) I'm not sure what's up next for me, there are some really interesting tracks today!

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