BlackHat / DefCon Meetup Thursday Aug 7

A bunch of BH/DC-attending SecurityTwits (and some other DefCon attendees, likely) are wondering if there'll be anything going on for those who arrive Thursday. I'll actually get into Vegas late Wednesday night, and I will be checking my Twitter (twitter.com/ax0n) frequently. You can tag me there pretty much any time on Thursday. While you're scoping out Twitter, be sure to add the official HiR Information Report Twitter Feed. I'll be live-tweeting from DefCon.

I'm proposing meeting at Kady's Coffee Shop between 7pm and 9pm Thursday evening. Kady's is inside The Riviera (where DefCon is being held this year). This should be an all-ages venue, because I know there are plenty of under-21 folks that plan on attending. After 9:00PM, those of us who wish to partake in alcohol or gambling can make plans to do so. Kady's is 24/7 so the meetup there might go later than 9pm. It may also scatter (or get kicked out?!) before that. All I can say is watch Twitter - I'll post any updates to the meetup to both feeds.

Hope to see you there!

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