Dedicated page for Multi-Booting Windows 10 and OpenBSD

I've created a dedicated page with my guide for Multi-Booting Windows 10 and OpenBSD. This supersedes the earlier blog post on this topic. I've been running this setup for a few months now and I seem to have ironed out most of the gotchas, including how to, as elegantly as practicable, deal with Windows' BitLocker shenanigans as well as its tendency to override the rEFInd boot manager.


OpenBSD 6.9 Released, PHP/MySQL Page updated


The 50th release of OpenBSD hit the mirrors last night, but I had some problems installing packages -- they were out of sync a bit. Anyhow, today, all of the package repositories on all the mirrors seem to be working swimmingly (you see what I did there?) and getting OpenBSD's built-in HTTPD working with PHP 8.0.3 and MariaDB (a MySQL Fork) 10.5.9 is a breeze. I've updated the OpenBSD HTTPD/PHP/MySQL page accordingly.

I'm most excited about a number of fixes in the VMM hypervisor that mean it can once again run some of my Linux virtual machines that have newer kernels. That had been broken for quite a while. There are also some changes to video and audio subsystems that I feel like might have been driven by some of my input on the mailing lists. The world may never know. 

In news that's related only by virtue of OpenBSD tinkering, I also managed to get OBS Studio working on OpenBSD-CURRENT, which just required me to figure out how to get the excellent openbsd-wip ports tree working alongside the official OpenBSD Ports. I'm still figuring out how to tune OBS to get high-quality live streams working, and at present, directly attaching the webcam to OBS results in a Kernel Panic. So there are some bugs to iron out.