Annual gathering of pyromaniacs

As usual, The HiR crew participated in massive amount of explosives and fire for Independence Day. While we didn't have professional-grade stuff like last year, we all actually got to set off a bunch of smaller things. And I mean a bunch.

Frogman is actually made of explosives. :)

A few repeater cakes (pre-fused multi-shot aerial displays) staged in the yard.

Frogman, Dicegrrl and Asmodian X setting up a few bottle rockets.

This made me laugh, particuarly seeing Frogman cheer as the projectile launched. I made it from a sequence of images taken with an intervalometer script on my camera (thanks to CHDK)

Dicegrrl shows off her Twitter Glitter. By the way, this was just about the most underwhelming piece of the night, aside from one ironically called "The Migraine". Both of them were basically a 4-shot roman candle. At least Twitter Glitter could be described in 140 characters or less.



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