Friday Musings: Defcon

Just to keep my finger on the pulse of all things DefCon, I imported a Twitter Search feed for "defcon" into my Google Reader list. I figure it will be a good way to see who's planning on going, what talks are generating all the buzz, and maybe find out about some unofficial defcon events.

While that's been quite successful, I also encountered something unexpected: people who still use "defcon" as a tongue-in-cheek panic word. Side-note: many of them don't realize that the higher numbers mean LESS panic. But whatever. At least this guy almost got it right.

The truth is that DEFCON 1 has likely never been used. It doesn't specifically mean nuclear war, but any time that the US is on the defensive end of a serious and imminent attack by foreign military. The 9/11 incident took us to DEFCON 3. [Wikipedia]

At any rate, I've got almost everything ready for DefCon (the conference, not our Defense Condition). I don't quite have all my talks picked out, but I did find it odd that a speaker shares my last name -- which is an unusual last name to begin with. I may have to sit in on that talk.

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