Contest: What's In Your Hackpack?

From what I can tell, a good chunk of our readers are road warriors. Road warriors come in all shapes and sizes, though. I personally know one guy with an nmap-armed Palm Pre (and similarly weaponized iPhone carriers) and a few battle-ready Techno-Thugs ready to bludgeon your skull with a pair of Panasonic Toughbooks.

Goal: Go mobile. Cause mayhem. Get out. What would you rock in your hackpack? Here's an example of what I'd load myself down with this (You can click here to see my Flickr Notes where I've labeled everything)

And it all fits nicely in here:

Now, for the contest! Up For Grabs: Two Pairs of AMC Silver Experience movie passes. Each winner will receive vouchers for two movie tickets at an AMC Theater. Sorry folks, that's all I have laying around, unless someone wants to donate some wicked schwag. So, there are two ways to win.

The first way is to e-mail hackweight (at) h-i-r.net with your guess as to how much my hackpack weighs when it's packed with the contents above. You can guess once per day. The first person to get it within .1 pound will win. If the contest goes too long, we'll just let the person who got the closest take the prize.

The other way you can win is by submitting pictures of your hackpack (both spread out and packed up) to hackpack (at) h-i-r.net. You can attach the photos (800x800 max, please) or host them somewhere and link us to them. Sometime before DefCon the HiR Crew will feature our faves and put it to a public poll. Whoever gets the most votes wins!

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