Backtrack3 + Karmetasploit + Alfa AWUS036H - What am I doing wrong?!

All the gnarly details are in the HiR Google Group (feel free to subscribe and respond there if you like, I've added a subscribe form at the bottom of this post...)

The short version, though, is that after modifying "evilap.sh" (which comes with the karma-msf-scripts on BackTrack3) for the Alfa's RTL8187 chipset, the script seems to run fine, but things just aren't adding up. Namely, once karmetasploit is all up and running and seemingly happy, the network (Named "FreeFI") shows up in "devices" on the wireless network list on OS X as shown in the above image. Similarly, I can't get Linux to actually associate to the network, either. Tcpdump doesn't log any packets. I'm wondering if airmon-ng is really able to work on this adapter, or what else the problem could be. Reply in the comments, or in the forum post if you wish. Any help would be appreciated.

This has been driving me nuts for a few weeks while I search forums and mailing lists all for naught. As much as I'd rather use HiR as a place to SPREAD information, it seems like as appropriate place as any to solicit it as well.

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