Free Antiviruses

I'm not a huge proponent of anti-virus. It's not that I think I won't get one. It's just that I'm usually running an OS that's not a big target for viruses. I can't even list one AV tool specifically for OS X, BSD or Linux, but I'm sure something exists. I just stick with NoScript and RequestPolicy on FireFox to keep the browser malware at bay.

With Windows 7, I figured it might be time to look into AV if for no other reason rhan to get rid of the nagging system tray icon warning me that my computer might be at risk. Then, just today, Keith posted a list of free AV solutions for Windows. I went with MS Security Essentials. It stays out of the way for the most part from what I've seen, but it's not like I've tried pulling up a bunch of Russian Serialz, Crax & w4r3z sites or any crap like that -- A move I'd consider to be asking for trouble.

I know plenty of readers are Windows users, by choice or by force (employer?)

What have you had the best luck with? What other anti-malware tools are you using for yourself or for others who already hosed their systems up?

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