The Conficker Is A LIE!

Well, it's April 1st, and the Internet (and its lies stupid pranks) are still alive and well. The hype of Conficker causing some kind of Internet-crashing, world-dominating clustercoitus have played out the way the real security experts (as opposed to so-called 'Computer Experts') had expected.

In case you missed it, the reason that experts weren't freaking out about Conficker are because some very smart virus researchers had already picked apart the Conficker.C variant and determined what it's going to do today. It's really nothing serious. Check out the F-Secure Conficker.C Q&A and SRI's more detailed Analysis of Conficker.C.

Of course, just because the world won't die by Conficker's hands doesn't mean it's okay to be lax on your security. You should still:

  • Consider not using Windows :P
  • Install a virus scanner and keep it up to date if you need Windows
  • Always stay on top of your operating system's patches and updates
Also, sorry for the meme-tastic headlines lately. "The Cake Is A Lie" comes from the video game Portal. "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" was from an arcade game called Zero Wing.

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