You're Doing It Wrong: Whiteboard Security

Smart whiteboards can take what's drawn on them and print them, store them, e-mail them and a whole variety of other fun things. Panasonic is bringing password protection to these features.  [Via Engadget]

Darren Murph (whose snarky writing style I enjoy) says:
...The film and steel boards look pretty traditional at first glance, but underneath of that plain jane facade is a highly advanced security system. You see, each board can accept passwords, which will in turn restrict the ability to transfer information from the board to USB flash memory. For those cleared for access, the whiteboards can transfer on-screen information to a PC via USB, though we suspect you'll have to handle the encryption on your end. 'Course, neither of these will run you cheap, but you know your underground supervisor won't mind shelling out upwards of two large to make sure schematics to rule the world aren't intercepted by meddling rivals.
of course, you can practically hear read the sarcasm.  This is like putting a bank vault door on a 4-foot-tall chain link fence. There's little to keep someone from snapping photos of the whiteboard with a camera phone, or from sketching along with the presentation while stuff is being drawn.

Security. You're doing it wrong.

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