More OpenArena Fun

First and foremost, this is just a concept, but L3DGEworld is an OpenArena-based visualization platform for network hosts. Currently, the main info-gathering daemon (Greymatter) only supports FreeBSD. I tried compiling it on OpenBSD and the code doesn't quite get along with OBSD's C Compiler. Fakematter, the demonstration daemon, however, does work. I just want to know if I can frag other sysadmins while I'm in L3DGEworld!

Also, The HiR Information Report OpenArena server is up and running using my wife's old rackmount server as the donor platform. It will probably get listed eventually on the Internet server list in-game. Otherwise, you can click "specify" and connect to openarena.h-i-r.net:

Maybe we'll have it set up for a weekly deathmatch or capture-the-flag brawl.

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