Xorg.conf for OpenBSD MacBook / Parallels

On a lot of hardware, X.org just works. OpenBSD is no exception. At certain resolutions and in particular on notebooks, X.org is not happy and getting it configured properly when that happens is usually a time-draining adventure.

This configuration file (xorg.conf) works great on OpenBSD 4.4 under Parallels Desktop on a MacBook and gives you full 1280x800 resolution at 24bpp color. It should also work for FreeBSD under Parallels as well, but I haven't taken it for a spin yet.

So far, I'm really digging OpenBSD 4.4. It might not be as easy to configure as Ubuntu or its Linux brethren, but it's rock-solid and I still prefer the BSD port and package systems to RPM or Debian-style package management.

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