HiR Reading Room: AIX 5L Administration

While AIX 6.1 is the new hotness, it's mostly feature additions. If you know AIX 5, you can get around AIX 6 without a problem -- you just might be missing out on cool things like enhanced RBAC and workload partitions.

The writing, grammar and editing of this book leaves a little bit to be desired, but the concepts covered in AIX 5L Administration are vitally important for any AIX sysadmin to be familiar with. This book is great for people who have a casual working knowledge of the UNIX command line (linux, solaris or BSD) who want to expand their horizons all the way up to seasoned intermediate AIX users, who will find new things and helpful tips within these pages.

I personally bought this book while I was job hunting. I had some rusty familiarity with AIX 4, but was looking at the prospect of landing a job that required working, functional knowledge of Solaris 8, Solaris 10, and AIX 5.3. It was a great refresher course for AIX, and gave me the information I needed to confidently blaze through a pre-employment AIX knowledge test. Now, more than a year later, this book sits next to my desk and is occasionally referenced when I need to do something on AIX that I'm not too familiar with.

Whether for reference, for job advancement, or for the fun of tinkering around with something new, this book comes highly recommended for anyone dealing with AIX, either daily or occasionally.

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