UNIX Tip of the day: Freeware for Enterprise UNIX

Let's face it, Solaris and AIX are nice in their own right, but they don't have a whole lot of software out of the box.  Add to that how cumbersome the compilers are and how it can be a pain to get source code to compile no thanks to oddball libraries, and you have a real dilemma.  Sometimes, it would just be easier if you could install binary packages and be done with it.

  • The old AIX Public Domain Software Library at UCLA is now gone, but I found a mirror of it here.  This is as easy as it gets.  The site is laid out in a logical hierarchy.  Find the package you want, drill down and get the tar file for your architecture and AIX Version. All you have to do to get the binaries is extract the file with zcat filename.tar.Z | tar xvf - 
  • Bull freeware offers packages that you can (and should) install through AIX's own package manager.  They outline the installation process nicely on their site.
  • IBM Has their own, as well.  The AIX Toolbox for Linux, which essentially gives you RedHat's RPM package manager for which to install a plethora of IBM-packaged freeware.

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