KC BSD User Group Kick-off meeting

I attended the kick-off meeting for KCBUG this evening, and had some fun. There were only four of us and we seemed fairly diverse in background and with experience using BSD. I think we all walked away learning at least something.

There wasn't much structure, but things discussed included:

  • Yaifo
  • Subversion
  • TRAC and DCL
  • Source ports and binary packages on OpenBSD
  • Appliance-esque installations
  • Live CD BSD implementations
  • OpenBSD for routing, load balancing, and firewalling
And probably a smattering of other stuff I can't quite recall at this time. It was good to meet some new local faces. I look forward to next month's meeting!

BSD Freaks and addicts, keep your eyes peeled. The next 2 installations of Sysadmin Sunday will feature some OpenBSD-Specific stuff.

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