So, you've just received your gratis Solaris 10 DVD set and you already know that your hardware works and has basic drivers because you used the
Hardware Check Tool ISO. However, the DVD boots but ends up complaining -- ERROR: The disc you insterted is not a Solaris OS CD/DVD?! Try setting the DVD drive as the slave drive on the main ATA channel with the HDD. It should boot and install fine then.

Target: ECS/PC Chips M963GV mobo w/ SiS 551GX/964L chipset and a 2.8GHz HT P4.


Now that it's installed and booted, you want to move the drive back to the secondary ATA channel, so each drive can have a channel to itself. The problem is that Solaris maintains a hard-set device map. Once booted to the install with the drive back on the secondary channel, a quick run of prtconf from a root terminal shows that ide, instance #1 (driver not attached), drat! With a bit of help from Google and a good blog at blogs.sun.com called PotstickerGuru, we get the command called devfsadm that will allow us to rebuild the device map. So issue devfsadm -r / from that root session, run prtconf again and the second channel should have been recognized and now show ide, instance #1 / sd, instance #1. Reboot, and the drive will be recognized and functional. Now we can stick in a CD-RW with the sfe driver for the SiS900 Fast-Ethernet chip and finally get the system online.

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